Pokoj č. 1

Obsazený jednou osobou – 600,- Kč

Obsazený dvěmi osobami – 1.100,- Kč

Obsazený třemi osobami – 1.500,- Kč

Pokoj č. 2

Obsazený jednou osobou – 550,- Kč

Obsazený dvěmi osobami – 1100,- Kč


In case of lodging for only one night, there is an additional fee of 10%.

In case of lodging longer than three nights, there is a discount of 10 %.

The price of Room 1 for one person is 450 CZK.

The price for each additional person is 300 CZK per night.

It is possible to order breakfast for 100 CZK per person.

There are special discounts for children and long-term accommodation.